Executive, Customer Service

Customer Service, Subang Jaya

Executive, Customer Service


Subang Jaya


Full Time


Customer Service


Key Responsibilities

Ability to work in shift: Shift consists of 9 working hours and includes of 1-hour for rest.

Communication: Fluent in English & Malay, the ability to communicate in Mandarin is added advantage.

Strong communication skills: The ability to communicate clearly, confidently, and effectively with customers is crucial in this role. Customer Service Executives should be able to explain complex financial concepts and products in an easily understandable way to customers with varying levels of knowledge and experience.

Knowledge of local & global equities trading: A strong understanding of the equities markets and their operations is essential in this role. This includes knowledge of trading platforms, settlement procedures, and different types of equity products.

Problem-solving skills: Customer Service Executives should be able to identify and resolve issues quickly and effectively. They should be able to think critically and develop creative solutions to problems as they arise.

Attention to detail: Accuracy and attention to detail are important qualities in this role, as Customer Service Executives will be responsible for processing customer orders and maintaining accurate customer records.

Adaptability: Customer Service Executives should be able to adapt to changes in market conditions and customer needs. They should be able to work well under pressure and be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

Customer focus: A strong focus on delivering excellent customer service is critical in this role. Customer Service Executives should be able to build strong relationships with customers and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Teamwork: Customer Service Executives will need to work closely with other teams such as trading desks, compliance, and operations. They should be able to collaborate effectively with others and work towards shared goals.

Ability to handle enquiries from Live Broadcast: The ability to react fast during handling of enquiries send via Live Broadcast comments, chat & etc.

Qualifications and Requirements:

Skills :


Responding to customer enquiries: A Customer Service Executive would need to respond to enquiries and concerns raised by customers. Customer inquiries may include the onboarding requirements, events & campaign details, fees structure, product features and etc.


Resolving customer issues: In case of any disputes or issues, the Customer Service Executive would need to investigate and resolve them in a timely and efficient manner. This may involve working with other departments such as IT, Settlement, and Dealing to identify the root cause of the issue and ensure that the customer is satisfied with the resolution.


Providing product education: The Customer Service Executive may also be responsible for educating customers on our product & platform features and how to fully utilise the features available to enhance the customer's trading journey.


Processing customer request: The Customer Service Executive would need to work closely with the trading desk to process customer requests and ensure that they are executed accurately and in a timely manner.


Maintaining customer records: The Customer Service Executive would be responsible for maintaining accurate customer records and ensuring that they are updated on a regular basis.

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